How to Accelerate Company Growth By Building a Positive Workplace Culture

In 2019’s entrepreneurial landscape, workplace culture is among the latest of focus—for good reason. From dealing with unreasonable management to experiencing the dreaded burnout, the workforce’s mental health is under siege. And it’s costing companies a lot of money. According to Forbes, that number translates to roughly 34% of an employee’s annual salary. To make matters worse, they also discovered that sabotages worker retention by increasing employee turnover anywhere between 20% to 50

Why Designing for Humans is the Key to Great Design

Paradigm Innovation is currently one of North Carolina's top rising design strategy firms. Valued at over $1M, Paradigm Innovation is team of 70+ writers, designers, and strategists all over the world, founded by North Carolina State University alumni. I was one of the "Original Three", alongside the two Principals. I first joined Paradigm as the Lead Copywriter. Eventually, my role moved into Editor-in-Chief and Content Strategist. I founded their design publication, The Catalyst, and continue to partner with the startup on referrals and content strategy.